Thursday, 21 January 2016


The earth's surface splits,
Sounds of screams scattered the world,
 The earth has split wounded.

  • Blood 
  • Wounded 
  • Died
  • Hurt
  • seeps 
  • Split wound


Haiku Poem 2


 Colours of trees change, 

 Leaves are trickling slowly, 

 Winds are blowing leaves.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Haiku Poem

Dogs are really cute,  

Dogs like playing with their ball, 

Hiding in their cages.  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Night!

The Night

One night, I woke from a scary dream then I heard scary sounds outside of my room I had notice that I was alone at home. I asked myself, “Where is my family? Should I find them or stay?” When I heard that there was no sound outside my room I have notice that my family were at dinner near my home at a local restaurant because we always did that.

My brain wanted to drag me out of the house to find my family. I should go and find them, but it was night! The shadowy road light outside was shining to help me find my way. Being all by myself in my room was spooky. I knew the way to my grandma’s house and it was only a  few minutes away. I realised that it was better to get out of bed and run to her house instead of feeling scared in bed. I knew that my grandma could help me find my family.                         

As I ran to my grandma’s house I was wearing only my t-shirt and shorts.  I rang the doorbell but no one was there. The smell of disgusting dog came to my nose “EW EW!” The lights created the shadows of five dogs. “RUN RUN!” I screamed out loud.  The five dogs came chasing me, “WOOF! WOOF!” “HELP! HELP!” But no one answered.

As the dog ran towards me I quickly moved to stop it from knocking me over but I fell to the roadside before they got to me. The dogs went back to their area and they forgot about me. I screamed out loud from fear and at that moment, my knees banged as I fell to the ground and my skin scraped on the sharp rocks. There were a lot of scratches on my knee. I saw red dark blood flow down my leg and it felt like little tiny ants crawling on my leg. “Ouch! Ouch!” I kept walking with my dead leg and went to a restaurant that my family often visit there.
 No one was there except my grandpa. I felt that my grandpa was the only one that cared for me. When I went to my grandpa he asked “What happened to you?”
“I fell on the road when I was finding my family. Oh!” Later that, the restaurant owner helped me to clean up the blood and the scratches away and that helped me a lot.
I cried, “Ouch! Ouch! that hurts!”
“ Be patient or not it will hurt a lot!” said grandpa.                                                                                                 
“Oh grandpa thank you for helping me.”
After that, my dad came rushing to the restaurant to fetch me and brought me home. I went to the car and my dad rushed home like a cheetah. When I reached home my family came to ask me what happened. At last, I would never get out of the house when my family is not there.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Collaboration Tiny Story

Collaboration is sharing and listening to others ideas with awareness. Joining a group will help your team to get ideas. That is collaboration.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I aspire to be a proficient football competitor, volleyball player, and badminton player. Eventually I may even want to become an archaeologist. to discover something. I should get started for the future.

-kar junn law (Shawn Law)